Do you still try to be like everyone else?

Alicia Morrow
3 min readJul 6, 2022


A few weeks ago, my son and I recently attended a party to celebrate the end of the school year. In the past I would have felt anxious about going because I have a long history of feeling like I don’t belong.

Back in the day, I just thought there was something wrong with me. Being around others in a group setting often triggered an internal conversation for me that went something like this:

Ugh! What’s wrong with me? 😩

Why can’t I just be like everybody else?

I just need to try to fit in as much as possible here.

I need to be super low maintenance.

I’ll just do what everyone else is doing.

Being like everyone else is how I’ll fit in. 😐

But the truth is, doing what everyone else is doing, and trying to be like everyone else has rarely, if ever, worked for me.

At this party, there were plenty of opportunities for me to try to fit in. I could have tried to be like everyone else there. I could have started doing what everyone else was doing.

But I knew that being fully ME was the only way I was going to honor and enjoy myself. Being ME — with all my unique quirks and colorful idiosyncrasies — was the only way I could truly connect with others.

Abandoning myself to fit in was never going to create the outcome I desired.

The result? I had a wonderful time at the party.

My son and I were among the final people to leave. Another mother at the party who was feeling a lot of social anxiety came up to me and asked if she could be near me because I was so grounded and present. She asked if I would “be her person” at the party — someone she could connect with, and feel calm and safe with, too.

I took this as a positive reflection of my decision to just be ME. 😉

I now fully own that I do life differently than most. The difference between how I used to show up, and how I show up today is that now I LOVE that I know how to honor myself. I LOVE that I know works best for me.

It’s okay that I’m different because I love being me! 🌈

If you frequently feel like you don’t belong, or you’re different from everyone else, or you’re too high-maintenance — which is something you believe is bad, or wrong, or unlovable in some way…

If you’re ready to start LOVING yourself for exactly who you are…

It might be time for you to step up your self-honoring game.

Because, trying to blend in, or dim your shine, or be like everyone else is a playing a game you will always lose.

It might be time to start loving yourself for exactly who and what and where you are, and to start living your life from a place of truth.

There are few things as liberating as learning to love, respect, and honor yourself. There are few things that will connect and endear you to others as much as knowing how to be fully YOU.

So, shine on dear woman! Dare to be YOU! ⭐

Lots of love,


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