How I honor myself when my life needs yellow rubber gloves

Alicia Morrow
4 min readJun 15, 2022


I’m not gonna paint a pretty picture today, because things have been super messy over here. I’m talking yellow rubber gloves and disinfectant kind of messy!

While I’m not here to just talk about how to clean up messes (though I am very good at this), I am here to inspire you to keep choosing and honoring yourself as often as you possibly can — even amidst life’s inconvenient, disappointing, icky scenarios.

When you find yourself in those challenging situations, that’s when it is even more important to hold yourself in the highest regard. Because these are also the moments when the easiest thing to do is put yourself on the back burner so you can deal with whatever is happening.

So, back to the messiness here…

A couple of days ago, my son woke up and said he didn’t feel good. When I asked what that meant, he said he felt like he had to throw up. And then he proceeded to do so in spectacular fashion — multiple times! 😵

*poor guy*

As a single mom this means multiple things for me. It means I need to cancel my day (and often several days in a row). It means my son’s time with his dad goes out the window. It means I’m on full tilt mama duty for however long is necessary.

It’s just what is.

Hear me when I say I do not mind doing this. I love my son, and I am happy to show up and care for him in whatever ways are needed, whenever he is in need.


If I’m honest, I do get disappointed when I have to reschedule my appointments and calls. I do get momentarily cranky when my plans go up in smoke. I do wish my life didn’t get put on hold when things like this happen. I think these are very natural and normal feelings to have.

When so much caretaking is needed, including being up multiple times in the middle of the night, cleaning up stinky messes, and trying not to succumb to whatever yuck it is myself, it’s very understandable that I would feel bummed out that my weekend movie date with a friend doesn’t get to happen.

I mean… movie date… or cleaning up vomit… hmmm. Not much to think about there!

(Can I just say I was SOOOO looking forward to seeing the new Top Gun movie this weekend?!? 😎 ✈ 😩 Alas… another time…)

This is where I dial up my self-honoring practices a few notches, because otherwise it becomes all too easy to slip into feeling like I have zero choices. It’s also when exhaustion, overwhelm, and resentment can creep in, if I’m not taking extra care of me.

So, although I’m home with a sick kiddo right now, when I’d much rather be watching amazing arial acrobatics on a big screen, if I’m being super generous and kind to myself, I’m able to handle the situation with presence, calm, and even a bit of ease.

Right now this looks like…

Going to bed early 😴

Eating super nutritious and nourishing foods at regular intervals throughout the day 🍵

Moving my body everyday — yoga, Pilates, dance, etc. 💃

Upping my immune support supplements 🍎

Stretching and self-massage (my shoulders love this) 👏

Reaching out to friends for emotional support and some much needed levity 😍

Reframing the circumstance in my mind as an opportunity vs. a burden 💯

Remembering everything is unfolding perfectly, I am never behind, & I am enough 🔥

Rescheduling fun time for me when the ick is over 🎉

Looking for beauty wherever it can be found 🌺

And enjoying a little Netflix or a good book in the evenings after Ocean has gone to bed 📺

It might sound simple, but amidst the chaos that ensues when my son gets ill, honoring myself requires an active choice on my part. It requires intention. It requires asking myself “What do I need?” at regular intervals throughout the day, and then making sure I follow up to meet my needs as best as I can.

Not as simple as it sounds, but with practice, it becomes very do-able!

What do you do when your plans go up in smoke? When the circumstances are out of your control, and what you thought was going to happen can’t?

What do you say to yourself? How do you show up for yourself? What do you do?

I’d love to hear from you. Simply reply to this email and let me know how my words have landed with you today.

Here’s to honoring ourselves at every turn, yellow rubber gloves and all! 😉



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