Your future self can support you today

Alicia Morrow
3 min readJun 29, 2022

Do you ever connect with the future you? The you that you will be in 3 years? 5 years? Even 10 years from today?

She is different than the you that is reading this right now. She has lived more. Seen more. Experienced MORE.

Sometimes I connect with my future self and I see my life through her eyes. I see what she is living, and how she’s doing it.

I ask her questions. I ask her to tell me what I need to know to become her. I gratefully tap into her wisdom and experience.

I always get inspired by what she shares with me, and by what she knows.

Because she is still me, yet she’s different.

How is your future self different than the you of today?

The future is yet to be determined, so that is up to you.

While I don’t know the specifics of what your future self is living, or what she knows, I do know that connecting with your future self in this way can be a powerful practice.

She can help you prioritize what’s really important (especially your joy!), so that your future life reflects your values and your happiness, too.

By tapping into your future self, you can begin making the changes you want to make to become her, now.

Maybe your future self has a regular dance practice. Or a daily morning green juice ritual. Or maybe she has sex with her lover every other afternoon before lunch. (YES to all of these! ;)

Maybe she delegates more to her support team. Or maybe she’s hired a private chef to cook meals for you and your family 3 times a week. Perhaps she has left her current profession to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time whatever makes you swoon with delight!

Whatever it is, I encourage you to lean in the direction of what and how she is living. Your future self can really help you tap into your desires in an entirely new way.

Then ask yourself if you have the support you require to make the changes that are needed to become your future self.

Ask yourself what you really need to go where you are being called to go.

Ask yourself if having someone in your corner could help you become who you’re being called to be with greater ease.

Imagine walking this journey with someone who is…

Seeing you for who you really are 👀

Cheering you ever onward and upward 👏

Tapping you on the shoulder to help you see your blind spots 👓

Reminding you of the things you’ve forgotten 🌹

Asking you the questions you don’t know to ask ✅

Helping you navigate the resistance and fear that inevitably arise 🐲

Lending you courage when you’re tapped out 💪

Reconnecting you with your truth and your power ⚡

Celebrating you and your vision 🌈

It feels different to walk this kind of journey with someone like this.

Perhaps it’s more than one person. Perhaps you require a team. Do not underestimate what becomes possible with the right kind of support in your life.

Because you do not have to do everything yourself. You get to be so incredibly supported in your life. You get to. Yes, you do.

Every day you are living into your future, crafting it with the choices you make, walking ever towards it with every yes and no you speak.

I invite you to be intentional about it. Let yourself be guided by your future self, but also championed by those who can honor the sacredness of your vision, dreams, and desires.

You get to honor yourself and your future in this way. You absolutely do!

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